cup & cone Party

Ice cream is the one treat that brings people together no matter what, and is perfect for almost every celebration.  It can be the main focus of your party, or just the right extra touch…

Our mobile carts easily move around both in and outdoors.  They are perfect for large events with multiple companies and/or clients attending; and they stay cold up to 24 hours, making them the perfect choice for long celebrations.

Our Cup and Cone Party is a popular choice for anyone needing to plan a large event on a budget.  We hand scoop up to four of your favorite ice cream or sorbet flavors; and provide cups, cones, napkins and spoons.  We can do one or two scoops — our cups and cones are made to order!

Hosting a large party can be daunting; but with our help, we’ll make sure your guests have a wonderful time.